Leanne - Hair Stylist

Hello, I’m Leanne.  I have over 21 years experience of hair and make-up.

I suppose I knew from when I was very young that I wanted to do peoples hair and make-up, like when you say “when I grow up I’m going to be a teacher, shop keeper or doctor” I was always the make-up lady!!

My 1st real job involving hair and make-up was at a photographic make over studio in Bath. It was always so busy but I remember thinking that it wasn’t like work cos I enjoyed it so much. It was brilliant and I got good at looking at people and just knowing what would look good for them hair and make-up wise.

Next I worked for Chanel in Jolly’s, Bath. Again, I loved the whole make-up thing and would get carried away talking to customers about the new ranges that came in. Whilst working for Chanel, I had my 1st daughter. I returned to Jolly’s after maternity leave and worked for Benefit and Lancôme, I then fell pregnant with my 2nd daughter.

After a short break, I found a job in a hair salon in the centre of Bath, It was a good move as it was like having a refresher in hairdressing. I enjoyed working there and met some lovely people. Surprise surprise, whilst working there I fell pregnant with my 3rd daughter, I returned after maternity leave but left shortly after to be with old work colleagues at another highly successful salon. I work from home now in my little salon where I balance being a mum of 5 daughters and having a successful little business.

I always look forward to the trials as I look at the brides to be in the same way I did when I worked for the makeover company. Most of the time the brides have a clear idea of what they want the end result to be, this can help. Other times, brides don’t have a clue where to start and I enjoy bouncing ideas around and seeing their faces when they see the results.

Overall, I love being part of someone’s big day and helping the bride look and feel extra special on such a precious occasion.

Some of my favourite things…

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